Turtle Soup (TMNT; Raphael/OMC, Raphael/Casey; PG/K+; #150: All's Well...)

Title: Turtle Soup
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My beloved Drew, for asking for this continuation in the first place, and for gruskek, for doing such a wonderful run of this comm which I've enjoyed so much since its very beginning. I hope it's not its last, but I'll understand if it is and wish for him?(her?) nothing but the best! <3
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Character/Pairing: Raphael/OMC, Raphael/Casey
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: comicdrabbles #150: All's Well That Ends Well
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 592
Date Written: 30 April, 2016
Timeline/Author's Note: STOP! You probably want to read this first as this is a sequel to Impending Appetizer.
Summary: Collapse )

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Hello, friends!
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Anyway, you guys stuck around with me and my erratic posting schedule for several years and we had some great times thanks to your consideration so you deserve my honesty and full disclosure.

Also if there's one thing I'm gonna do in life it's mental health advocacy. Even if I accomplish nothing more than spreading some awareness here and there I'll still consider myself to have made an impact. So I've been telling people both irl and on-line what happened to me and what I'm ill with instead of coming up with some bullshit about having had the flu or whatever.

Lastly please take care of your own and your loved ones' mental health as best as you can!

As to the community's future we've had a great run thanks to your contributions and I think 150 is a nice round number to end on. I'll leave the comm up so you can post more of your writing anytime and of course read the old works. I'll also try to finally finish that maintenance I've been trying to do, but that's been eluding me due to my worsening health up to this point (apologies for that, I did add some tags here and there, but I do know there's updates still needed). This might of course take a while as I am catching up on many things in life after that extended stay at the hospital.

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Challenge 150 + endless bonus round

Challenge 150 - all's well that ends well

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