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30 April 2016 @ 02:50 pm
Turtle Soup (TMNT; Raphael/OMC, Raphael/Casey; PG/K+; #150: All's Well...)  
Title: Turtle Soup
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My beloved Drew, for asking for this continuation in the first place, and for gruskek, for doing such a wonderful run of this comm which I've enjoyed so much since its very beginning. I hope it's not its last, but I'll understand if it is and wish for him?(her?) nothing but the best! <3
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Character/Pairing: Raphael/OMC, Raphael/Casey
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: comicdrabbles #150: All's Well That Ends Well
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 592
Date Written: 30 April, 2016
Timeline/Author's Note: STOP! You probably want to read this first as this is a sequel to Impending Appetizer.
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

They say that all's well that ends well, but that's not true in my neighborhood. Hell, a night never really ends well here. I call it a good night if I manage to get home with only a few bruises, but somebody's gotta do what I do. The damn cops ain't about to do anything. They're as crooked as a corkscrew.

Maybe it's not my place to clean up their mess, but I can't ignore it any longer. When these new hoodlums came to my 'hood, that's when they screwed up. When they beat that old man for his last dollar, broke into Missus Murphy's upstairs and took her few savings, when they stole my damn TV, they should've known somebody was coming after them.

But what I'm following tonight isn't them. I haven't seen one of these bloodsuckers in a long time, but I still recognize 'em. I know 'em too damn well from when they took my sister and her best friend. I was only four then. I couldn't do anything about it but run and save my own hide. I won't make that mistake again. This bastard's going down tonight.

I don't know what the Hell that green thing is with him, but it's his lucky night. Is that a freaking shell?! What is that thing -- some kinda giant Turtle?! I dunno, but he better move his ass, shell, or whatever . . . Wait a minute! That's the damn guy who's been chasing me! The freak with the Japanese knives! It really is his lucky night.

This is gonna hurt. I crash through the window, best way to take the ass by surprise, and just in time, too. The turtle (or whatever) whirls toward me, sees the blade in the Vamp's hand, and goes into action. He kicks him right at me, but I'm ready, golf club raised. This is the only reason why I still keep wood. I slice his head right off.

The turtle's gaping at me when the Vamp's dust finally settles. "What was that thing? Wait a minute! You're -- "

"Yeah. You're the freak. And that was a Vampire. Nice saving yer shell, chump." I turn, putting my club in my bag.

"Freak. Freak!?" The guy's wail's louder than a cop's siren.

I turn back, 'gainst my better judgment. "You're the one with a giant shell."

"You're the one wearing a fucking ski mask and sneaking around at night."

"I'm the one saving people who are too damn dumb to keep their own asses -- or shells -- safe!"

"Nobody asked fer yer help!"

"Maybe you oughta, or maybe I should've just let him make you into turtle soup."

"What? You want a thank you now?!"

I shrug. "Might be nice." He's actually kinda cute right now, standing in the neon lights blaring in from outside, looking all pissed off. I wonder if I could kiss that anger off his lips. Does he even have a lips?

I realize what I'm thinking as I start peering closer at his mouth and snap back. Damn, I gotta get a woman! I'm out the window before he can react further, but the thoughts're still there. If I'm desperate enough to be thinking about getting my own turtle soup, which I am, I've damn sure gotta get a woman soon!

He wails behind me. He's coming after me, but I'll lose him up here in the rooftops. I almost don't want to. I double my speed for my own apartment, which isn't far from here, and an ice cold shower.

The End